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West Virginia Now Honors the Nevada Permit

On August 5th 2015 the Attorney General of West Virginia, Patrick Morrisey, announced that it has formally entered into a reciprocity agreement with the State of Nevada. Prior to this agreement Nevada already recognized and honored the West Virginia permit but West Virginia didn’t return the favor. Now with the reciprocity agreement finalized both states […]

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Nevada Drops 2 States and Adds 12 Others

Earlier this month the Nevada Governor signed into law SB175 which, in addition to other changes, removed the requirement for a state to have “similar training requirements” in order for Nevada to honor their permit. On June 18th Nevada published an updated list of the states whose permits it honors and ten new states have […]

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Washington No Longer Honoring Permits From Arkansas, Kansas, Mississippi and Missouri

Washington has a no nonsense approach to permit reciprocity. Their state law (RCW 9.41.073) states that Washington will honor permits issued by states that meet the following three conditions: Recognize Washington concealed pistol licenses; Not issue concealed pistol licenses to persons under age 21; Require a mandatory fingerprint-based background check for criminal and mental health history. […]

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Pennsylvania Now Honors Ohio CCW Permits

Pennsylvania has recently added Ohio as a state whose permit will be honored in Pennsylvania. As we previously announced, Ohio’s law recently changed to honor permits from all other states and in doing so it would seem that they now meet the requirements in Pennsylvania 6106(b)(15) of the Uniform Firearms Act that grants reciprocity to certain […]

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