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Nevada Now Honors the Michigan Permit

Nevada has amended their official list of what state permits they will honor by adding the state of Michigan. Michigan has stood up to the requirements of requiring training and of requiring both a clean criminal and mental background. Click here to see the original article published on our National site.

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Maine and Pennsylvania Cease Permit Reciprocity

We have been informed that Maine and Pennsylvania will no longer honor each other’s concealed carry permits. You may recall that recently Maine had two new laws go into effect that instituted constitutional carry in the state and extended reciprocity to any out of state permit whose state also honored Maine’s permit. Apparently something about […]

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Nevada Now Honoring South Dakota Permit

On June 19th we reported on the effects of Nevada SB 175 in changing the requirements in Nevada for honoring other state’s permits. At that time Nevada started to honor permits from twelve additional states. Now you can add a thirteenth state to that list. Nevada will now honor permits from the State of South […]

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Maine Now Honors Permits from 16 New States

On June 5th, 2015 Legislative Document 868 was signed into law by Governor Paul LePage of Maine. Described as “An Act To Remove Limitations on Reciprocity for Concealed Handguns Permits” the change removes the power from the state police to enter into reciprocity agreements and instead forces Maine to recognize any resident permit from any state that also […]

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West Virginia Now Honors the Nevada Permit

On August 5th 2015 the Attorney General of West Virginia, Patrick Morrisey, announced that it has formally entered into a reciprocity agreement with the State of Nevada. Prior to this agreement Nevada already recognized and honored the West Virginia permit but West Virginia didn’t return the favor. Now with the reciprocity agreement finalized both states […]

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