Modern Personal Security Solutions - eBook

Modern Personal Security Solutions eBook

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Jacob Paulsen brings you the most complete modern security guide available. Jacob’s experience in executive protection, private investigation, and urban survival will help you and your loved ones prepare for the worst society has to offer. This eBook will give you the knowledge and tools you have been looking for.

Product Description

Topics include:

  • Home Security Checklist
  • Home Fire Safety
  • Home Inventory: Minimize your Risk for Loss
  • Seven Ways Your Smartphone Doubles as a Personal Security Device
  • Techniques for Picking Locks
  • Your Safe Room
  • Family Emergency Procedures
  • Life Hammers
  • Finding North: Every Trick in the Book
  • Hiking & Camping
  • On The Water/Boat Safety
  • Adrift on the Water? Surviving afloat
  • How to Tail A Thief!
  • How to Lose Someone Who is Tailing You
  • Avoid Being Carjacked
  • How to Hotwire a Car
  • Firearms: Safety & Personal Protection
  • First Aid & Medical
  • Internet & Computer Safety