Defense Actions Ready Kit - eBook


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Whether you own a gun or not, being prepared is crucial to a safe, legal, comforting outcome.

Crime is a reality… so is the DARK. The Defense Actions Ready Kit, is revolutionary guide to preparing for crime, before it happens.  Do you know the answers to these questions?  You should and the Ready Kit will prepare you to know all of this and more!   Don’t be unprepared for a “worst-case” scenario…

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Product Description

Can YOU answer these questions?

  • If you were the victim of a home invasion and had to defend yourself…how do you call it in to 911?
  • What do you say when the cops arrive? How much do you tell them before you cross the line?
  • If you had to use a firearm for defense, does your spouse know how to bail you out of jail?
  • Do you have your lawyers number in your cell phone?
  • Does your insurance cover self-defense shootings? How will you know?
  • What does adrenaline do to your body? How do you get rid of it?
  • What if the intruders are gang related…do you have a ” Counter Retaliation Plan” to stay safe?
  • Does your family have all of the information and money to live day-to-day, while you are getting bailed out of jail?

The DARK has the answers and the tools to help you answer these questions and prepare for crime.