Shopping for a Gun This Holiday Season

There is a high probability that you or yours might be in the market this season to purchase a new firearm. Here are some quick tips that might help guide you in your shopping efforts. In terms of choosing the right firearm for you we will be posting some considerations and ideas in the upcoming weeks.

Is This A Good Time to Buy?

The short answer is no. Colorado has experienced two significant public tragedies in the last 6 months that have inflated the cost of firearms. More recently we have re-elected President Obama. Combined this has led to an environment when demand for firearms is much higher and thus the cost has also increased. Its already starting to come down but it will likely be several weeks before the costs are back to normal.

Where Should I Shop?

Similar to buying cars there are advantages of buying firearms used or new. When you purchase a brand new firearm it comes with a warranty and you know you are the first owner. Used firearms however, often present good bargains. If shopping from a private seller or used gun store (pawn shop) be sure to price the weapon out. Not all private sells are actually good deals. Guns are expensive and it will be well worth your time to be patient and do your research. Shop around and look for the best deal you can get.

What Do I Need to Know About Private Purchases?

If you are the buyer of a firearm in a private sell you need to worry about very little. There are no legal obligations in terms of paperwork, background checks, etc. It is always wise however to use a bill of sale and to obtain the contact information of both parties is the deal. This is for your own private records and does not need to be reported or registered anywhere.


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