What The Increased Demand Means in Your County

Just wanted to talk about the volume of people applying for concealed weapon permits right now and what that means to you. This week two of our students who live in Denver County have contacted me. Denver County requires you have an appointment to apply for your permit. Upon contacting the county to schedule their appointment one of our students was told the next available time was in May. The other was told the next appointment time was in April. I really struggle to understand this. Denver County is no more slammed with application than any of the other counties (like Jefferson) and yet they appear unable to be able to keep up with demand.

Also, a student from Adams County has found that the county will only accept a limited number (he was told 20) applicants per day. When our student arrived at the county building at 7:40am, 20 minutes before they open, he found he was too late. He was told that in order to be among the first 20 people to apply he should plan on showing up around 6am.

You would think that the counties would be happy to receive the increased revenue in a time when everyone is crying for more funding. The counties can charge up to $100 per applicant and that is of course in addition to the $52.50 state fee. I don't want to be fast to judge. I suppose that this type of increase in demand would be difficult to handle for any agency as they no doubt have not been able to add resources to keep up with the number of CCW applications.

That said, if you live in Denver county let me suggest you call and get your appointment right away before coming to the class. This is good advice regardless of in what county you reside. Here is our directory of the county sheriff offices.

Second, let me also remind you that you can apply in the county in which you reside or in which you own a business.

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  1. Josh March 26, 2013 at 10:32 am #

    I went through the new Adams County CCW process this morning. It is VERY simple. I showed up about 10 mins before my appointment time, they called my name, checked over and copied my documents, they copied the original training course certificate and gave me the original back, took my fingerprints and I was done, took about 10 mins.

    They said it takes about 85-88 days to process.

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